Don’t you love the music!? Lots of music 🙂

#1     27 years ago our love for music and our growing children converged in starting a new positive hit radio station where we continue to play awesome artists and songs. At Pulse (download the free app) it is all about finding hope in our heart, and there are many styles of music that do just that.

#2     At we provide a series of song audio files about various God-topics (MUSIC in the search box). Each resource post discusses the truth reflected in each song – all taken from the God Story. There are 20 or so of these that we think you will enjoy.

#3     We also have complied a scripture music PLAYER to benefit parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders who are actively teaching others. You can find these listed with the appropriate origination passage to add to your learning experiences together under MUSIC in the Navbar above. There are a variety of styles and artists who help to bring home the teaching of that particular song. These active boxes appear and function as a player for each particular song. It is a great way of helping kids and families share the music of God’s Word, and we have seen thousands of children enjoy the songs and sing them well into their adult music lives. A real asset.

Let us know how these work for you. We love to hear stories!

Dave & Burnadette

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