What if you could be taught by Jesus himself?

Grow Deep roots at your own pace with a clear plan.

Fourthstream.com offers an opportunity to connect with God in a way that makes sense – first King, then Kingdom, then church!

Here is your link to learning hopeful Kingdom spirituality: A Pure Heart, Knowing God, Doing Kindness, and Growing Life

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The Latest Book!

The Turbulence Of Imperfection

This book is about chaos and order, the meaning of personal story, the greatness of God, finding our personal compass, and the reward of deep hope. It is written in a series of essays which you may find helpful as you contemplate the inevitable intersect of philosophy, science, and authentic faith.

God’s Man / God’s Woman

Brent Harris and Dave Nadler invite you to invite others into the life-giving conversations in their new book: God’s Man/God’s Woman

You will find integrated insights for success in home, business, and wise mind and heart spirituality.

Getting Started With Jesus

There has never been or ever will be another person like Jesus. He not only turned the world upside down, He also reversed the death-course in which all humanity find ourselves. Here is a way to dive deeply and quickly into this one-of-a-kind life, and freshly encounter the mysteries revealed in God’s dear Son.