Turbulence Of Imperfection

We are born into an imperfect world – a world at war. While this can be breathtaking and painful to us, it is no surprise to Jesus. And because personal turbulence pursues us all, the Father has provided both a purpose and plan for negotiating the inevitable circumstances and challenges of life. This book is about chaos and order, the meaning of personal story, the greatness of God, finding our personal compass, and the reward of deep hope. It is written in a series of essays which you may find helpful as you contemplate the inevitable intersect of philosophy, science, and authentic faith. Enjoy!

Curious Journey

This short book of essays illustrates different components of our personal stories which can frame motivating reasons to become someone who accurately experiences God. There are 26 chapters (each taking 5 minutes to read) which are coupled with parallel Fourthstream posts which include brief audio/written content to guide you through each particular principle. Your story matters!

Kingdom: Finding Your True Self

Our second set of essays examines the Kingdom from the book of Matthew. It is entitled Kingdom: Finding Your True Self. Did you know the Gospels mention church only a few times but the Kingdom over 100 times? Why is this? There are 18 brief chapters with corresponding podcast posts at King – then Kingdom – then Church.

Mentored by God: Finding Our Way in A Darkening World

Our third book is entitled Mentored by God: Finding Our Way in A Darkening World. 25 topics about how it all fits together – with keys for addressing the great questions of life. Choose your book format (printed, pdf, or audio) and also connect with posts which will help you get the most from this mentoring conversation. Things are challenging. This book can bring some clarity!

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