Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Fourthstream you may find useful:

There have been three major movements of the Spirit in American history. We are hopeful the next is coming soon, where millions of souls will awaken in the power of Christ from our sleepy dream. 

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Each week we produce several blog posts as well as another in a series of syndicated podcasts available on Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple podcasts. In the navigation you will note: 

Conversations, Books, CoursesPrayer Updates are designed for your own use and for sharing.


We write several weekly blogs for your personal encouragement and God connection. Once each week we produce another in a series of syndicated podcasts. We are connected with a Fourthstream prayer network who join to pray for our homes, our city, and our nation.



Prayer Updates

Dave & Burnadette have one awesome daughter and two awesome sons, as well as 5 grandsons and 1 grand daughter. They have been married for almost 50 years, and the Fourthstream content has been developed as they have founded and built a church fellowship, a ranch for at-risk kids, and an outreach radio station: Pulse101.7. They remain committed to Jesus’ Kingdom call to make disciples.

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All of the resources of Fourthstream.com are offered at no cost (pdf’s included). Any printed materials may be purchased directly from the links provided (such as books and course manuals)

You can use the blue give button on the site or give to non-profit Fourthstream by reaching out at [email protected] for either our cell number or mailing address. We are a tight-knit group!

  • Something better for all of us
  • 1000 souls awakened in our city
  • 1000 allies for the Kingdom
  • Bold warrior prayers for our city
  • Threads of hope woven by the Spirit
  • Harvest warrior hearts raised up
  • Psalm hearts motivated and inspired
  • Dreams & visions all around us 

If you have just come to know Christ, are continuing in your journey to become a man or woman of God, or are raising children or making disciples – you will find hundreds of hours of video and audio.

Character Studies

Music Player

Strong Homes Course

We have written and produced 4 books over the last 10 years, each one reflecting a central theme in what we have learned for life as we have searched the God Story daily. One is about the importance of your personal story, the next considers Jesus’ view of the Kingdom (and religion), the third discusses what it means to be mentored by our heavenly Father, and the latest discusses the question “why are things the way they are?”

Curious Journey: Your Story Matters

Kingdom: Finding Your True Self

Mentored by God: Finding Your Way in a Darkening World

Turbulence and Imperfection: Essays About Real Life
(Coming soon)

Not everyone can or will go to a Bible school or seminary, but there are many who find the God Story indispensable in making a difference through their lives. Over our time serving our local church and our city we have put together a systematic God Story encounter. In your own home, at your own pace, and with your own direction you can pursue your own understanding of God’s plan for humanity – and for you!

The God Story and Kingdom Spirituality intro our courses

Streamsbook is a 40 Day consideration of the Life, teaching, and miracles of Jesus

Engage Training is an extensive encounter in discipleship

Strong Homes is a workbook course to help with the rigors of success in marriage and family

Book by Book is an extensive self study of every book in the Bible

We are born into a world at war, and understanding how to live and fight in it God’s way is a huge part of arriving at a satisfied mind (peace). We pursue these battles weekly, and provide you with an easy format to stay focused in praying bold prayers for things that matter.

Praying in the Spirit

Learning to Pray

All of our resources include easily sharable audio, video, and pdf conversation guides. You can tailor what you share to fit the needs you see or the conversations in which you are engaging with family, friends, and co-workers.

Those active in discipleship, parents, teachers, and those who wish to implement a strategy of knowing and understanding God’s Word in light of the doctrines of demons and teachings of unprincipled men and women.

These are organized in connected series and posted weekly. There are 20 defining podcasts in the first conversation which will help you know where we are coming from – and if Fourthstream is for you. All of our podcasts and content focuses pursuit of non-religious, Kingdom spirituality.

20 Podcasts Conversation

Jesus is clear: King first, then Kingdom, then church. We unapologetically search the threads of the God Story to find authentic faith. By processing science, philosophy, and theology through the lens of faith we continue an active search for connection with truth.

Kingdom Spirituality Course

Kingdom Conversation

Kingdom Book

We enjoy connecting where God wants us to go and being together with His servants, as well as those searching for Him. We do group talks and facilitating related to our Fourthstream resources.

To us it is all about God-led personal connection.

  • The subjects of our four Books
  • The God Story/characters and books of the Bible
  • Building a Strong Home: Marriage & Family Life
  • Bold prayers of intercession and personal healing
  • Spiritual Warfare

Weekly Updates

Each week we will send an email with the latest links to the podcast as well as our latest thoughts and blog posts.