Fourthstream Core 20

Over our years as Christ-followers, teaching, and counseling, we have pressed into a series of key topics in response to varied experiences and many conversations. We have concluded that sciencephilosophy, and faith will converge, and that each presents opportunities to Know God and arrive at a satisfied mind…



Here is a series of brief videos exploring different aspects of what it means to wake up from our sleepy human dream. Being awake to God is nothing less than transforming to mind, body, heart, soul, and conscience. To engage conversation about being awake and helping others experience the same is worth every ounce of thought and effort we place into…


Knowing Jesus

There has never been or ever will be another person like Jesus. He not only turned the world upside down, He also reversed the death-course in which all humanity finds ourselves. Here is a way to dive deeply and quickly into this one-of-a-kind life, and freshly encounter the God-secrets revealed in God’s dear Son…


My Kingdom heart

Jesus mentioned church only a couple of times but spoke of the Kingdom over 100 times. This is because the Kingdom is all about the heart, and the best churches are filled with men, women, and children who connect with God at a heart level. This series of post enhances conversation which displays King first, then Kingdom – then church. You will find great…


Fourthstream Music

Your Fourthstream Music Player brings easy access to songs composed from scripture. You can also listen to this player as a backdrop for your time spent reading God’s Word or meditating for your day. A main reference is given for conversational use. Enjoy! 
(Good for ages 2-120 🙂

40 Key Characters

Each character in the Bible has been chosen to bring us insight into how to live our faith-lives to please to our Creator. We have chosen 40 men and women of the Bible and Burnadette and Dave interact on what each story brings to our own life of faith. There is a post for each as well as a 15 minute audio conversation, with added resources at the bottom of…


From The Inside-Out

Becoming a Kingdom leader is all about growing from the inside-out. Here we combine several key teachings to explore this together. If you are looking for target metrics for your spiritual journey, you will need to look to God’s Word – and then within…


Warfare Conversations

When you honestly look at oppression in any and every century or nation, it is very difficult for a fair-minded person to explain away evil. The God Story is filled with threads of connection between what is natural and what is supernatural…

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