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Connecting with God can be daunting to sustain through the ups, downs, and fluid nature of our lives. Fourthstream.com is an A-Z encounter with God’s Word. Dave & Burnadette discuss God’s Story, strategies to get to know Jesus better, family life, friendships, and Kingdom spirituality. They provide fresh experience while considering the impacts of science, philosophy, and authentic faith.

Mobilizing Fourthstream content for your own Kingdom discipleship journey and to help others:

  • If you desire regular encouragement to stay connected to God’s Word our weekly Finding Hope podcasts and e-mail updates will help. The Fourthstream Core conversation also helps cover the foundations of faith, hope, and love; and gives you a big picture on Fourthstream teaching.
  • If you wish to systematically build a foundation in the God Story the Jesus Centric podcasts will move you solidly and efficiently through a connected understanding of all 66 books. In addition, the Engage Training course is an awesome consideration of the great discipleship themes of the Word of God, and the Deeper course helps you sharpen your reading skills to get the most out of your efforts.
  • If you want to stimulate relatable conversations with others:
    • The GodStory is a great intro into the big picture of the Bible
    • – The Streamsbook 40 Day course is all about the life, teachings, and miracles of Jesus
    • – The Kingdom Spirituality course focuses the conclusions from the teachings of Jesus and His apostles
    • – The Awakening and Knowing Jesus conversations are great for someone just starting their journey
  • If you want resources to bring the Word to life in your home, the conversations on 40 Key characters and Fourthstream Music provide great connecting points for family life. Use them to prep or play for discussion, depending upon the phase in which you find your family. If you are parenting together or alone, the Strong Home course is instructive and encouraging for focusing proven family strategies that work!


All of our content is provided at no cost. Any printed books or study guides come direct from the publisher for minimal costs, but nearly everything is available in pdf as well.

Enjoy and thrive!
Dave and Burnadette

Weekly Updates

Each week we will send an email with the latest links to the podcast as well as our latest thoughts and blog posts.