022 BBB: Whole Heart, No Heart, Half Heart

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David: Whole Heart
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Solomon: Divided Heart

We are multi-faceting beings. We enjoy a body, mind, will, and conscience. Within the interplay of these our heart appears to be the God core of each one of us. Distinct. Telling. Holding our personal value.

Let’s begin with a couple of proverbs from perhaps the greatest human king ever to have lived: Solomon. His wealth and renown were legendary. His insights profound.

Proverbs 16:2  All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, but Eternal God weighs the motives of all men and women.”

Proverbs 24:12  “If you say, ‘I had no idea about this or that,’ does He not consider absolutely everything – this being the One Who weighs every heart? And does He not know it all – is He not the One who keeps watch over every soul? Will He not expose every work as well as reward every soul?”

There are three characters who give us clarity about issues of the heart. You will encounter their entire stories as you work your way through 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Kings. Saul had NO HEART, David a WHOLE HEART, and Solomon HALF A HEART.

Saul had no spiritual compass. He gave lip-service to God. David made many errors of heart and action, yet he always ended up with his heart right before God. Solomon was spectacular in his accomplishments and wisdom, and yet his partnership with idolatry eventually consumed his spiritual life.

As you dig deeply and mediate on the experiences of these central God Story characters, we offer three questions.

1. How can you and others avoid the pitfalls of a heartless journey with God?  

2. What can you adapt from David’s approach to life which will protect you and return you to home base?  

3. How can you avoid alliances and pitfalls such as those which brought about King Solomon’s spiritual demise?

Here are additional character posts on:

Here is a good heart song to sing with kids
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These are huge markers for any man or woman’s spiritual life. Enjoy! 
Dave & Burney


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