054 BBB: 400 Silent Years?

The 400 years between the last so-called old testament prophet Malachi (is there anywhere in the God Story they are designated old or new testament?) and the voice of John the Baptist (who was prophesied so clearly in Isaiah 40) is often termed the 400 silent years. It appears to me that this is a poor naming. There is so much needed preparation as the world waits for the promised Messiah.

Here is a succinct and informative teaching on the history of these critical years.
400 Silent Years

Here is a written summary – and when put together with the video above – paints a solid picture of why these 400 years should matter to us – to you!  Between the Testaments

Imagine you are back in school, and for one shining moment you are actually giving attention to something that interests you! I was art. Burnadette was math. It has been a partnership made in heaven (and forged in fire). Is that overly dramatic?

Dave & Burnadette

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