How to write a Psalm

How to write a Psalm:

We doubt very much that there are only 150 or so Psalms in the galaxy which have been composed in response to the personal greatness of Creator Father. Perhaps you have written your own Psalm, either formally or informally. If not, give it a shot! Here is a template for you to use:

√  Acknowledge a moment you have or are currently experiencing.

√  Formulate words which help capture the emotion of the moment.

√  Articulate the experience and how it reflects your life – all life.

√  Send your emotion back to God in acknowledgment of some aspect of His greatness.

√  Share your thoughts and invite others onto the praise highway (selah) of our great and awesome God.

So here is one thought I captured and applied the process we’ve just described: “I have been overwhelmed by His creation – and I have insufficient ability to paint what is in my imagination.” – Dave

So – here we go. A psalm of Dave!
(audio version)

Psalm 151/A Song of Dave
As he reflected on the many beautiful things he has seen after watching a spectacular red, yellow, and orange cloud-layered sunset on Tainter Lake…

Who paints like You, O Lord, our Living God?
Your colors are deep pools, exuding laughter, light, and exquisite beauty.
Your brush strokes are as vast as a galaxy; and delicate,
like suspended drops of gentle rain

Your rain – watering all living things – dancing in puddles upon Your vast, living canvas.Fields of autumn are filled with golden fire and rich beauty – preparing for slumber.

Your ice and snow drive us to warm places of shelter, while your creatures find winter rest. And then Your exploding spring palate awakens beyond description.
And Your seemingly endless sun-filled summer days fill the earth with Your Abundant Goodness.

How many times have I stood spellbound – in awe of Your Living, unfolding beauty?How many human canvases have attempted to harness one moment of Your ever-unfolding glory?
How many men and women have bowed at the precipice of life and tried to communicate fractions of what we have captured of Your beauty?

The Great Artist! He does not merely paint. He IS.
And He paints with life and light itself!
Selah! Lift me up to the Highway of my God!
Let me join in the praises of the ages
O God of the angel armies!

We also extended the opportunity to others – this one was particularly sweet via an old friend. “Just a little ditty I was thinking about after I sold the soybeans on the last crop our family farm will produce for us and after the successful harvest – and a transplanted liver and kidney which saved my nephew’s life.”

Who provides like you, O God, Lord of the Harvest?
She extends horizon to horizon, 
Her amber bounty beyond measure,

Goodness in every tiny grain.

Native dirt, gentle rain, easy wind, glorious sun
Given to make Your every lasting glory ripen.
Joy, O Joy, the Harvest is here!
Who am I that you would even think to bestow
Such richness to me?

Bowing down before you, 
Fields and souls alike come alive

With silos and hearts filled to overflowing!
I say to you O Lord, this will sustain me
Beyond my wildest earthly dreams.

She nailed it. Pretty cool.

Dave & Burnadette 

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