Warfare Prayer

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Warfare Prayer
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As we have discussed in previous podcasts, God prays for us in the midst of the war (Warfare Covering Prayer) and invites us into His intercession for ourselves and others (Warfare Intercession). Today we get specific about our own prayers in the war – calling upon Jesus’ already won victory to cover our part in the battles.

Focus is a huge challenge for any Christ-follower. We are vulnerable to distraction, some are uneducated regarding deeper prayer, and the Adversary in no way wants us to experience effective warfare prayer.

This podcast focuses on what we can do to be effective prayer warriors. In the Fourthstream.com navigation you will note there is  section devoted to engaging consistently in this kind of PRAYER. Several things may be helpful..

Each week we read (click audio file) a section of a warfare prayer adapted from John Eldredge’s site. It is completely focused on effective, intercessory prayer for our family, neighbors, and our cities. There is also a printed section you can use to read along with the audio or just read. (A pdf of this entire prayer is found at the end of the prayer post.)

√     While reading a written prayer with regularity may seem religious, we use it to keep us focused on what is true. This one (adapted from John Eldredge’s site) reviews truth about God, our identity, warfare, and our purpose. Whether you listen, read, or both – the focus here is VERY helpful when interceding for others.

√     We also highlight some of the bold prayers that are reflected in the Word and helpful to each of our cities. By praying such bold things we can align ourselves with how the Spirit is already praying for us in the midst of the battle that rages all around us – and sometimes within us.

√     Embracing a vision for being a household of prayer for those around us is key to our spiritual awareness and success as warriors. Together we can function as two and three-fold cords, ready and committed to interceding on behalf of those important to us.

Some touching, bold prayers to check out:
Joshua 7:6-9
Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:9-20
Jesus in Luke 22:44
James 5:13-18
Paul in Ephesians 1:18-21

Praying may well be the most effective Kingdom role we have been given by God!
Selah, amigos and amigas,
Dave and Burnadette

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