All things God are about heart. His heart is just. It is kind. And His heart is expansive. This is why we have been given God’s love letter to all of humanity. This is why we have been given God’s Word.

Jesus was a healer. His miracles of deliverance and restoration are epic in history. No-one comes close. When a person decides to ask Jesus for His gift of faith, we are set upon a path with huge opportunity for healing. Each of our stories has its share of turbulence and pain: we live in a hurting world. What Jesus did when He was on earth displayed the possible impact of His healing powers. Impact which is available to each one of us!

Jesus is many things – and when we open the door to His healing power much can occur. Perhaps you have experienced this in one or more specific ways. Possibly being healed from your unbelief? Or deliverance from emptiness or futility. Physical freedom for the leprous, blind, lame, and oppressed was a wonderful thing. but it is only the beginning. Jesus heals from the inside-out. He makes all things new.

I was speaking with a lovely young woman the other day, and she was expressing both her choice to follow Jesus and her subsequent desire to be set free. It would be great if this happened in one God-action, but most Christ-followers know this is a process. There are many moving parts to being healed. She reminded me of some of the things I have learned from the God Story about the road to freedom of soul. 

√   Blindness
Jesus came to bring recovery of sight to those who cannot see. He opens eyes to different strategies for living – those which include healing. I have found that the Spirit begins this process with every new Jesus follower. It is literally like having a light come on in our mind, heart, and soul. The Good News of Jesus eclipses our own bad news. If we choose to allow it.

√   Ignorance
When we come to Jesus we exchange one thinking paradigm for another. We begin to learn about, understand, and embrace knowledge as the door to wisdom. God’s wisdom begins to sift our human wisdom, and if we choose His knowledge we become informed. Wisdom is the ability to put knowledge into practice. Jesus brings us His Father’s wisdom through His Spirit.

√   Captivity
As we have been considering in our warfare podcasts, we are born into a very real war where we are targeted for failure and spiritual impotence. Each of our families provides a growth place for us to either thrive or shrink – or both. There are uncountable numbers of evil angels who are dedicated to the destruction of not only all souls, but particularly to captivate the hearts of Jesus followers. We can be pestered. We can be discouraged. We can be deceived. Jesus is able to set us free from captivity.

√   Torment
When our turbulence and confusion and temptation are off the charts, there is a good chance we are being held captive – or at a minimum pestered by spirits (demons or evil angels). The good news? This is only one-third of the angels. The other two-thirds are dedicated to the glory of God as well as His will in the lives of those who inherit salvation (see Hebrews 1:14). Whatever lies we have believed, however we have been harmed – Jesus is able to heal us completely.

√   Freedom of Conscience 
“So if the Son has set you free, you are free through and through.” – John 8:36/M 
If during our lives we can learn the gift of a clear conscience, we are deeply blessed. What this means is that by following in Jesus’ footsteps we can learn to live with a clear conscience every day. Finding forgiveness from God, and where possible, from others – is a very unburdened way to live. It is the way of peace in the Spirit.

As you can see, there are several moving process parts to being healed. These occur as our faith unfolds. There is special work the Spirit wishes to do in each one of us – to heal us supernaturally just as Jesus delivered the blind, sick, lame, possessed. How beautiful are the miracles of Jesus! When the Son sets us free, we are free indeed.

For over 50 years now we have learned about this process in our own lives and of those we love. It is a gift from God. Jesus is a Healer of souls.

Dave & Burnadette

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