How white is white?

swirling-jetsWith our human obsession for self-actualization we are, in a sense, searching for significance within ourselves. Let’s face it – we are one of billions – dro
ps of water in a sea of humanity which has unfolded from the dawn of time. My heart hurts for a human race running here and there to fill our god-shaped hole – all the time hoping to unlock the secret to true meaning and ultimate peace.

I appreciate God’s invitation to reason with Him, identify and embrace my shortcomings and sin, and to have my soul washed, whiter than snow. I feel so free to be able to stand imperfectly before my Creator, and to put on a righteousness which originates in God Himself. After all, it’s really not all about me. It is all about Him.

A little piece of hope in this crazy world, my friend!

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