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We are producing a series of Jesus-centric podcasts funneling the complete message of the Word through the life of Jesus. Think about it – a totally integrated look at the woven threads of the entire God-Story – all through the grid of the One Who made the world! 

By and large the Bible is constructed chronologically. But each part of God’s inspired Story is woven into the story of God’s Son. Wouldn’t it be great to carefully consider and embrace the Jesus-centric nature of the greatest story ever told?! What would this do to animate an experienced faith? In what ways would it launch either a new or weary faith toward greater connection? 

From Dave:
Having done my best to contemplate the various religions within the ancient and current history of mankind, I have determined that there is no god beside or above Yeshua, the Lamb of God. He is the first and the last, and all things were created by Him and for Him. Just as Enlil, Ra, Amarak, Kulkanan, Wotan, Dianysus, Obatala, Tiamut, Bixia, Oro, Ahura Mazda, Perun, Shamash, Dagda, Juno, and Shiva (and many others – have had their day) – Jesus the Son stands alone and above. 

It is not that other “gods” are not real, it is that they are all false and will bow before the One True and infinite Father – His Son – and His Holy Spirit…just as every human will.

Jesus created the world. He came to earth to find and save lost men, women, and children. His authority is documented and testified in history, and neither Baal (our personalized gods), Ishtar (my God-replacement obsessions), or Molech (destroyer of family and children) reflect any of the kind glory of the One Who gave Himself for the sins of the world. Even as mankind has chosen and chooses even now to BE god, we do not even begin to approximate the power, the glory, or the heart of the One Who sits upon His throne. This is the truth which is revealed in the God Story.

To understand the Living God one must access Him through His Son in the authority and power of His Spirit. The Bible is Jesus-Centric. In the fullness of times God sent His Son, and the kingdom of darkness was eclipsed by the Kingdom of Light. This is the story of Jesus. This is the story of His Kingdom disciples, and should be owned by His Bride – the Church. 

We will embrace the entire Bible beginning with the four Gospels and the arrival of the promised Messiah. Then we will plug-in each part of the God Story: Genesis, Job, Moses and the Law, the Land, the Kings and the prophets, the Psalms, and the letters of the Apostles. We will take care to investigate the Jesus-centric nature of each book. What a great way to assimilate the woven threads of the Word of God into our personal connection to our Creator and Savior!

Our guiding principles:

  All questions are good questions.
  The Bible is 100% capable of interpreting itself.
  It is good to become fully trained by God.
  Religion often proves conflicted and inadequate in finding authentic faith.
  God the Father has spoken and in His Son we find never-ending life.

We provide structure (there are lots of distractions, right?!) and give you direction and encouragement to make it happen. A clear, self-directed, systematic, and personally motivated learning process. 

These free podcasts launch Saturday, June 3rd and can be found at in both audio and video presentations, and you can subscribe to the podcast on our homepage.

It will be awesome! 

Dave & Burnadette Nadler

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