Fine Tuned Beauty

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Fine-Tuned Beauty

“He sends out His command to the earth and His word runs very swiftly. He gives snow like wool and He scatters the frost like ashes. He throws out His ice as fragments; who can stand before His cold? Then He sends out His word and melts them;  and He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow.”  – Psalm 147:15-18

Fine-tuned Beauty and His Amazing Intricacies.  
How involved is our God with His creation!? I have concluded He is connected on a molecular level – with everything! 

I mentioned earlier my deep admiration for processing and assimilating knowledge unfolding at fever pitch. The cosmos is the macro. The micro is our scientific exploration of the details. I would like to briefly revisit the conversation about some amazing insights we have been given about the building blocks of life.

There is incredible fine-tuning right down to the structure of cellular design. If we begin from a perspective of chance rather than design, our interpretations become implausible or skewed. As we examine the building blocks of life, it’s scientifically proven that there is a shared language which makes everything work. Randomness, then, must be submitted to design itself. The context of how we process such shared language is important.

We return to Perry Marshall’s Evolution 2.0 for a few quotes. Don’t freak out. I am continuing to investigate things I don’t necessarily understand. I’m attempting to process unbiased information – if there is such a thing. Once any data is mined it must always be submitted to the appropriate construct or system – whatever it may be. I am simply attempting to observe and let the data speak for itself.

On the language of cells: 

“Like the English language, DNA operates under defined rules to create predictable combinations of amino acids. The mutations have to obey the rules of the language. Otherwise you get legs growing out of your head.”

On genetic code:

“If the genetic code is text, proteins are calligraphy. All cells and tissues are built from proteins. They’re like beautiful fonts that transform mere assembly instructions into art. In the same way that a Mac in the ’80s was head and shoulders above all its drab cousins in the computer world, proteins are not just building blocks; they, too, are works of art.”

On how things work:

“Genes switch on, switch off, rearrange, and exchange. Hybrids double; viruses hijack; cells merge; winners emerge.”

When I look at a luna moth or a swallowtail butterfly, I am swept up in their delicate beauty. As I observe the complexity of living beings and the intricate systems required to flip all the switches, how can I deny the power of intricacy?

Did you know that if the moon were adjusted even a degree from its orbit that all hell would break loose with such things as untethered tides, extreme weather, and plant and animal internal clock disarray.? We live in a highly fine-tuned, precise environment, right down to the smallest particle of life.

It is incumbent upon us to search for God’s design in everything that is made. To not do so is limiting to the soul and to our ultimate purpose of knowing God and enjoying Him forever. Even our turbulence of faith is being interjected as an offer of love and discovery from the One who made us.

So many miraculous things to consider – we are trying hard with you to not be overly distracted,
Dave and Burnadette

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