Good News/Bad News


man_in_the_fog____by_reddog54_largeThe word “gospel” or good news is pretty commonplace in religious discourse. But have you ever thought about the fact that in order to have good news, there must be bad news in play? Since the Enlightenment and the birth of religious rationalism the bad news is being systematically eliminated from conversation. After all, who wishes to speak ill of the condition of mankind, if indeed you believe our bad news is only circumstantial, rather than baked into our DNA.

I am grateful to be covered by Jesus’ good news of freedom. All affliction will be answered, all brokenheartedness is being healed, heart captives are being set free, and prisoners of all sorts of bondage are being released from sin and death.

This is Good News! And if you can accept it, the answer to all the Bad News life can dish out.

Just a thought.
Dave, a Good News/Bad News kind of guy

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