S1E18: Epoch 4 – Prophets and Captivity 1

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Epoch 4 - Prophets And Captivity 1

Our last epoch found God’s people heading for captivity because of their sin. They had rejected honor of God, and had become captive to their idolatrous impulses. Sound familiar? We have examined our human and spiritual origins in Genesis and Job. We have seen Jesus in every book of the God Story, and correlated His mercy through the time of the deliverance from Egypt and the conquest of the land. Israel’s judges and kings reveal over and over how God wanted to be our King, but was rejected by us. Over and over. Brutal.

As He has promised all along, there will be consequences for our choices to dishonor Him and ourselves. This is why the captivity is a story of significance. It is what happens when Hie people, any people, reject God’s presence and His honor. This is the small, ugly thing about any idolatry. It is dishonorable to the one Who made us. Page 55 reviews the Story this far. God’s Son has been there at every juncture, inviting God’s people and the nations to enter through the door of humility, and choosing to honor God Most High. Page 56 sets the stage for the two sisters, faith, and the restoration of God offered for His people.

Page 57 overviews the prophets of Israel and Judah, and places them before, during, and after the captivity to Assyria, Babylon, and eventually Persia. Page 58 sets the context for both the hopes of God and the idolatrous choices of His people. On page 59 we will set up the context of the Kings of the two Kingdoms (split), where each prophet fits in, and the timing of the two captivities: Assyrian and Babylonian.

In Epoch 4 part 2 we will take a closer look at each prophet, where they fit in, and what message they brought to both Kingdoms. Remember, you can find more data on each book of the Bible by going to the Book by Book course.

Enjoy your heritage, true Israel of God Most High!
Dave and Burnadette

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