God’s Man/God’s Woman – Leveraging

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God’s Man/God’s Woman – Leveraging

We now spend a little time talking about leveraging our mind, body, heart and conscience for our personal success. Because we are made in the image of our Creator, we have vast capacities as well as remarkable uniquenesses. While God gets credit for our design, we have the privilege of deciding what we are going to do with it. Seriously. Brent and Dave begin conversations about the strengths and vulnerabilities of these capacities. Each area allows us to go more deeply into what makes life count. We have chosen five areas of thoughts for this leveraging chapter, with the hope we all will get the most we possibly can out of each of these life opportunities.

√   The beauty and challenge of the mind. Imagination. Creativity. Thought.
√   The ups and downs of our bodies. Strength. Weakness. Purity and purpose.
√   The beauty and vulnerability of our hearts. Love. Fear. Hope. Faith.
√   The reality and truth about our souls
√   The power of our conscience

This book is a series of life markers which, if investigated and applied in an ongoing manner, will give you good things for your own heart as well as helping others to grow and excel. If we can complete our journeys satisfied that we have made a difference – first to God – and then toward others – we are well on our way to making life count. We have been sheltered by our Creator so that we in turn can provide shelter for others.

This chapter can help you unlock things many people never explore, and by engaging such threads we can better understand our immediate and long-term purpose. Let’s make it count: body, soul, mind, heart, soul, and conscience!

Dave and Burnadette for Brent and Dave

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