God’s Man/God’s Woman: Solid Relationships

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Finding and Cultivating Solid Relationships

The book is now available on Amazon in both printed and Kindle formats. We are awaiting final approval on the audio version as well. Exciting! Brent and Dave’s purpose for this book is to clearly and succinctly help encourage your success in the core links to building an effective bridge between your God-life and your people life.

In this episode Dave and Burnadette review cultivating solid relationships and what it looks like to build strong. It would be great if all our people interactions went perfectly, but we all know this is not realistic. But by applying God’s principles to relationships we can pursue a clear conscience and a satisfied mind when it comes to our network of people connections.

√   How do we overlap in personal beliefs? Goal setting and achieving?

√   What do effective, intentional relationships look like? What are the best ways to treat each other?

In this chapter we take a look at what Jesus’ followers taught about “one another,” and how we can pursue the same depth with others that God pursues with us.

We also converse about the contrast of being peacemakers or peace-keepers.

Think through those in your life who would benefit from connecting on such conversations. Having these discussions one to one or in groups of 2-3 can be very helpful. Relational success is in the heart of God, so why not look into His approach to connecting, right?! If you are new to Jesus-following you will find this a practical experience, and if it is in your heart to help others go deeper, this is a great tool.

Enjoy the book. Just go to Amazon.com and type in God’s Man/God’s Woman. Order and enjoy. Let’s make it count!

Dave and Burnadette 

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