My Sense of Wonder/Curious Journey




Take a moment and think of one of the most beautiful, breath-taking things you have ever see. Some scenery event while on a trip. Your bride coming down the aisle. An encounter with one of your kids or grandkids. Perhaps an incredible sunrise or sunset or breath-taking night sky.

The heavens play a significant role in my process of Fusion with my Creator. Their unanswered questions of immensity and my subsequent smallness make me let down my guard and whisper “I am here” to the Designer. Even in my childhood, as I watched the northern lights dance upon the Wisconsin sky, I could hear the soft Voice of the Living God calling me – “David – I know who you are.” To deny this intrinsic design and beauty in the galaxies – let alone the Voice written upon my soul – is the single greatest tragedy of mankind.

I choose to leave my home hibernation several clear nights a year – away from city lights. I sit and listen to a Voice so ancient that the mountains and oceans of our world youthfully tremble over such majesty. The heavens are a gift to the earthbound, and a key to the Fusion that longs to overtake a human soul. And that is just new discoveries in the macro. What about the river of data pouring out of the micro, even down to the building blocks of life itself?

What triggers your sense of wonder?
Hard Heart/Alive Heart
A song of wonder

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