025: Elisha: Miracles Do Happen

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Elisha: Miracles Do Happen

Probably one of the most helpful things learned from Elisha’s life is the authority of his and Elijah’s miracles and how they prepare the way for Messiah.

The Jews were very aware that the Messiah was due to arrive. In fact, there were over a dozen people claiming to be the Messiah at the time Jesus appeared in Jerusalem! When Jesus was questioned He was often asked if He or John the Baptist were Elijah, or the prophet, or the Messiah.

Elijah and Elisha had specific roles to fulfill among the Kings of Israel, those who ruled during the years of their lives and public ministries. But even more stunning is the way Elijah and Elisha give us a clear picture of what kinds of things would surround the Messiah! He would do things that had never been heard of or seen since the foundation of the world.

As Jesus performed miracles and even raised the dead, the Jews should have had no doubt Who was standing among them. The miracles of Elijah and Elisha are personal and shocking, and they would only be eclipsed when Jesus arrived on the world stage hundreds of years later.

Check these out – and see how they prepare the way for Christ/WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIM COMING!

ELIJAH (1 Kings 17 – 2 Kings 8)
Shut the rains from heaven                               Jesus/faith rain from the Father
Flour and oil for a widow                                   Jesus/kind provider for the desperate
Raising a widow’s son from the dead              Jesus/death conqueror
Defeating the prophets of Baal                         Jesus/One True God
Ending the draught                                             Jesus/Living water from heaven
Fire and lightning                                                Jesus/Judge over the earth
Parting the waters of the Jordan waters         Jesus/Water walker

ELISHA (2 Kings 2:14-13:14-19)
Parting the waters of the Jordan
Purifying Lord of the waters                               Jesus/the Living water
Lord over nature (bears)                                     Jesus/reversing nature
Lord of the flood                                                   Jesus/power against powerful
Lord of the womb                                                 Jesus/Author over life
Lord over death                                                     Jesus/King over  death
Antidote to to the poison of sin                          Jesus/healer of the poisoned
Feeding of many                                                    Jesus/feeding the multitudes
Lord over leprosy                                                  Jesus/healer of lepers (sin)
Floating the iron axehead                                   Jesus/reversing the weight of sin
Lord over blindness and sight                           Jesus/restorer of sight
Prophet over the future                                       Jesus/prophet-priest-King

Is God a miracle worker and how does this make your faith unique?
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