PRAY FOR RAIN is our choice to band together with networks of friends to pray for awakening in our city. In living rooms, offices, and church meeting spaces in our own parts of the city – unites us to pray BOLDLY for SIMILAR THINGS at THE SAME time.

For the next several weeks we invite you to pray for “the blowing of the Spirit throughout our city by dreams and visions.” Sometimes direct Intervention occurs through decidedly supernatural encounters. A person lost in their own self-righteousness, someone trapped in sin, a girl or a boy under oppressive oversight, leaders who serve self rather than God – the list is heavy and seemingly endless.

And yet our Creator-Savior notices everything and everyone. And He asks us to humble ourselves and pray. He wants us to repent of our independence from Him, and to extend that same heart request to those in our city.

Thank you for all you do to bring God’s goodness in Jesus into our dark and weary world.

All true goodness originates from our Creator.
Goodness shared multiplies.
Goodness lived awakens.
– Romans 13:11-12

Let’s pray boldly for our city!
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