MKH – 006: Ultimate Inclusion

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Ultimate Inclusion

One thing that strikes me about ruins anywhere in the world is the implicit transience found there. Even in a 150 year old almost-gone Iowa farm house my imagined memories of time passing like the blink of an eye makes me feel both wistful and reflective. There must be something greater, right?!

It feels great to be included among your friends or with the people at work. Especially when someone acknowledges you or invites your contribution. When you feel included you feel you matter. When we are excluded (intentionally or unintentionally) it makes us fight mind games of disappointment and speculation.

God the Father is the “ultimate includer.” He has designed everything to draw us in and to set us free. This seems counter to what we see in the world around us, but God has set the parameters of trouble and deliverance – and that is what Paul’s declaration in Athens was all about (Acts 17). He stands before some very self-important leaders and addresses their philosophies with the kind, pure truth of the Gospel. As you read Acts 17 More on Ultimate Inclusion search for principles of “how” Paul shared truth in this incredible God-situation!

Here are some great inclusion questions upon which you can ruminate:
– Why did God establish such a risky environment for mankind?
– What about your story, your life, makes you feel special?
– What is the value of eternal life to your soul?
– In what ways do you feel included? Excluded?

Enjoy, my Aeropagalean friend! (is this even a word?)

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