Being outside of time would bring unique perspective to your life, would it not? This is one of the realities in which God moves. It is part of our Creator being “unbound.” We see everything through a time prism. While God created time He lives uninfluenced by time – apart from the choices He has made to create and use time for His purposes.

We, on the other hand, “live and move and exist” within God’s reality, not the other way around (Acts 17 is great on this). This is one aspect of the achilles of mankind: we want our gods to serve us. But the Living God “is not served by human hands” so as to be validated OR diminished by mankind. This is part of what it means to be God.

Today we are visiting the macro – how big and great is the Lord God of the heavens and the earth? God’s interaction with Job in chapters 38-40 is breathtaking. This conversation occurs after many words have been spoken by Job and his friends. One of the cool things about Job is that he either pre-dates or was a contemporary of Abraham. Hence – he lived before the Hebrews even existed. Along with Genesis 1 and 2 and the book of Revelation, Job gives us some of our best insight into God and Time.

Definitely something worth contemplating for the welfare of your soul!
Enjoy, our soul-searching friend. The video below is pretty short but worth it.  🙂

Job Watches Stars (from this podcast)
Sense of Wonder
Watching Stars Video
Reading Job
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