CJ-004: Negotiating Imperfection

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Negotiating Imperfection

What do you see when you look in the mirror? An imperfect nose? Symetry issues? I personally have lived with misappropriated ears all of my life. Bummer.

One of the great questions of life is “why are things the way they are?” And what about relationships? The things that work and the things that don’t? The times you are disappointed or feel let down? That things are out of control?

Jesus, while perfect, lived in a world of hopeless imperfection (Hebrews 5:7). Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And even though He was God He suffered in amazing ways. All the hard knocks without any visible perks. Amazing. Especially considering He had the power to do whatever He wanted!

His connection with His Father seemed to be what got Him through as He ran the race God had given Him. “Never-the-less, not my will, but Your will, be done!” (Luke 22:42)

A huge part of our spiritual success involves pushing back in the face of imperfection. The best way to overcome is to follow the example of our Master. (see below) And it CAN be done – through the power of our perfect God!

Enjoy, my persevering friend!

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