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We also hear from our friends that helpful reminders to connect with the God Story on a regular basis would be good, so per those requests we begin this consistent, systematic option for you to read through the Bible with us. We would be happy to send you reminders to cast direction for that particular week.

Every week at we will post:

#1  Our chosen worldview post for that week (we have been doing these for over a year and you can easily find them on the site). These are meant to open conversations with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

#2  Daystreamer Readings for that week include a key passage from the particular book(s) we are considering – one reading for each day posted for the entire week.

#3  Book by Book Readings highlight aspects of each book of the God Story as we read through the entire Bible. We also provide resources where you can go as deep as you wish. For instance, we will read half of Genesis and half of Job in January – then complete both Genesis and Job in February. In two months you will have two pretty good sized books under your belt!

We hope you will enjoy our weekly excursions into God Story excellence in 2019! We are excited to read with you, and will work our way through the entire God Story in a relatively short period of time. And you can invite friends or family to join anytime – wherever you feel it would be helpful.

This is going to be good.

Dave & Burnadette

Here is the plan for you to consider!

Weekly Updates

Each week we will send an email with the latest links to the podcast as well as our latest thoughts and blog posts.