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Going through the entire God Story (FUN) can be joined anytime – we cycle through ALL the Bible books based upon the story. So wherever you start, you will achieve your goal of reading through the entire Bible in a relatively short period of time.

And if at any point you want a big picture refresher or are just getting started, check out these two brief overview videos:
The 8 Minute God Story
The 15 Minute Bible

We are beginning with Genesis and Job for a reason. Job exhibits no Hebrew traits. Therefore it probably precedes or is contemporary with Abraham. So – Job is probably best tied to Genesis 1-12 – and this is why we read the book with an eye to what God connection looked like before God chooses a people to emerge through Abraham. Think ancient as you read these chapters. Each teaches foundational things about God, mankind, and God’s plan for the world. Fascinating!

You can find helpful “Deeper” question guides for Genesis here as well as for the book of Job.

There are 75 posts which will serve as your guides in exploring and tying together God’s One Woven Story. 

Many other support Podcasts can be accessed with the search function on the Fourthstream.com home page (per your interest): just type in a character or a subject – and boom!

You can reach us at [email protected] questions.

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