Unfolding of the Light

Have you ever sat in a dark room, maybe as a kid, and looked around?  After a while, your eyes adjust to the darkness, and you make out the outlines of certain objects in the room.  Moonlight or maybe a small amount of light from under the door will illuminate things just enough to make out general outlines.

I know I used to (and sometimes still do) get a little frightened of a shadow or outline that I can’t quite define.  As a kid I would lay in fear, not wanting to get out of bed and turn on a light, but certain that if I didn’t, whatever that mysterious form was would surely come over and murder me in my sleep.  It was of course a robe hanging over the closet door, or my backpack sitting on a chair.

It’s not until the door is opened and light begins to shine on every surface that you can really see what’s there.  And it’s not until that light begins to cover everything do you even know how mistaken you were.  I think that in the past, I’ve feared deepening my relationship with God because of what I thought it might expose in my life.  What it might require of me, or ask me to sacrifice.  The wonderful truth is that all it has done is give me more peace, make me feel more loved and cared for, and given me a deeper insight in to who God is.  It is impossible to fear anything when his light is shining upon it.

In one part of the God Story study, Dave discusses The Bridge of Light, and asks you to consider what it means that we have the opportunity to leave darkness and walk in the light.  It is thought provoking and encouraging – I highly suggest it!

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”  Psalm 119:130


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