It is hard to imagine time as a limited commodity. And yet even if we live to one hundred, what are that many years compared to the available days contained in time?! Kind of a blip on the screen.

The God Story explains our Creator as having no beginning or end. In fact, it appears that time itself is one of His creations (Genesis 1). Before there was a “deep”, before there was an earth – there was God’s forever. And it appears He was not alone. His Spirit and His Son and His Wisdom kept eternal company before the ages were born. Then 24 elders. Next four living creatures.  Enter uncountable numbers of angels. Then bad angels. Then billions of humans. Wow. Is God the ultimate powerful and imaginative builder or what? 

Psalm 90 gives us a neat perspective on God and time. It is one of few Psalms that appear to be written by Moses. Could you live any more of a mind-blowing life than Moses? Psalm 90 tells us a little bit about what he learned on his journey, and what it looks like to take God seriously and recognize His role within your limited stay upon this earth.

God gave us a rainbow to remind us He would never destroy the earth by water again. But He will remake the earth one more time. And the Rainbow was a part of His glory long before and long after the sons of Noah experienced the flood. (Hebrews 12:25-29)

Daniel 7:9,13,22 gives us a nice snapshot of the Ancient of Days. You can expand this line of thinking in the document below entitled “God & Time.” (or by going to Ezekiel 1:28; Revelation 4:3; 10:1)

Enjoy – our time-redeeming friend.
How many years do we have? 40? 50? 70? 100?
Only our God knows!

Dave & Burnadette

Hope you are getting a chance to go through the God Story with us (Book by Book posts). We are also having fun with the Daystreamers passages each week as well – only the most epic – only the best for our friends!

God & Time
A Time Song
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