MBG – 011: Millennial Father 2/Beyond our Wildest Imaginations

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Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations

The human imagination is a powerful thing. We are able to dream big Рboth for good and for evil (and everything in between). One of things I love about God is His unlimited ability to imagine and to DO. What would it be like to think something and have it immediately begin to unfold or appear?! How would this impact my existence? And what would this ability look like in the hands of a self-absorbed or even treacherous person?

We are grateful that the One Who has such power is Good. Seriously.

Today we consider a few key pictures from the God Story which help to stimulate our earthbound imaginations to a higher level. Not only is our Father ageless (the Ancient of Days) but He is infinite (beyond our wildest imaginations). This means He is bound only by Himself (which is why we are glad He is Good!).

And how does this impact our picture of heaven? Do you seriously believe that the awesome things explained about heaven in the God Story are everything there is concerning the nature of and activities within God’s realm? We believe it is only the visible tip of a very large iceberg. In a very deep ocean.

The heavens help us to imagine. Beauty unlocks it for us as well. The seasons, the weather, the passing of time, the diversity of humanity – these are just a few of the things which reflect a future beyond our wildest dreams.

Ready – set- go!

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