011 BBB: Exodus 17-32

There is so much in Exodus that is foundational to authentic faith. Egypt is a parallel to being hopelessly in bondage to sin. Pharaoh perfectly exhibits the pride of mankind – even in the face of terrible judgement. The power Moses wielded originated from God, just as all Good emanates from our heavenly Father.

The grumbling of the people perfectly encapsulates the ongoing response of mankind to the conditions of our lives. The glory of God led them in the wilderness, just as God’s Spirit continues to lead us today.

So many of the principles we embrace as Christ-followers find roots in the books of the Law (Genesis – Deuteronomy), in the history books and the prophets, and in the writings and stories of the kings of Israel. This is the rich backdrop upon which Jesus lived His life, taught the Words of God, and accomplished the works of His Father. Amazing!

In Genesis we see the origins of the human race as well as those of the chosen race. In Job we are given insight into the deeper purposes of God. In Exodus we are taught the basics of the heart and what it means to be delivered “by a Mighty Hand!”

“If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”  – Genesis 4:7

“But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed, and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.”  – Romans 6:17,18

Read on my adventurous friend!

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