MBG – 007: Connecting On Common Ground

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Connecting On Common Ground

It is not difficult to understand the basics of the various belief constructs around the world – if one cares to give them consideration. There is also much more nuance to educate ourselves on another’s family backgrounds, where faith fits in for the person we are speaking with, and how ethnicity and culture effect another person’s world view. This is actually kind of fun when you get over any initial awkwardness –  and begin to engage questions which open doors to deeper communication.

There are many religions and cultures. Each one reflects some aspect of the glory of the Living God – our Creator Father. There are literally unlimited connections that can be found if we are willing to carefully ask and listen – and patiently nurture in trust. The early Christ-followers were known by their love for one another – a love they were willing to share with people from “every tribe under heaven.”

When we focus on our shared humanity, understanding can be given a boost. No matter our backgrounds each one of us is unique to our core. If we are willing to overcome the barriers of what is different and unfamiliar, rich interactions can emerge where none occurred before. How to do this is discussed below in the “what we share” paper provided by our friends.

Jesus invites comparisons to other religions. As an historical figure He is without parallel. As a spiritual Deliverer He holds authority no one in history can match. Not even close. This is why the “good news” is the “power of God for salvation, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentiles” (everyone else).

I wrote the song “Insight” a number of years ago, along with the songs in the under the MUSIC conversation in the navigation. Each are good resources for reflecting on some aspect of spiritual depth (last link that follows). This song talks about the interior struggle experienced by every human who has ever lived – or ever will.

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Dave & Burnadette

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