BOOK BY BOOK 26: 1 Samuel 25-31

As we conclude the book of 1 Samuel we would be remiss not to think through the key characters. Samuel himself was a distinct contrast as the final judge of Israel. Certainly his role stands head and shoulders above many in the Word, and his impact upon Saul and David was huge. Saul’s tormented relationship with David. The warriors of Saul and the warriors of David. The women who were woven throughout the story, whether the principled Abigail or the summoned witch of En-Dor.

Within our lives there are characters. Some help us. Some hurt us. Some seek to build us up. Some work to tear us down. But through it all God’s favor remains upon those who call upon him with a humbled (pure) heart. And it continues to rest upon any man or woman who honors the God-of-the-Angel Armies.


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