PSALM IMMERSION in August and September

From time to time it has been good for me to revisit the heart-Psalms of Israel. King David wrote the lion’s share of the Psalms. Asaph (David’s worship leader) adds a dozen more. David’s son King Solomon wrote over a thousand Psalms, but only two make it into this collection. That leaves one for Moses and possibly a total of 80 or so to David. Sons of Korah provide another grouping.

Over the next weeks we will survey all 150 Psalms, digging to discover the ones which most align with your heart for God. The process is simple: Daniel and I will send you three Psalms each day. We have selected key verses for each Psalm, so that with each post you may do a quick review and then read more deeply in that particular song if you wish. As we encounter all 150 Psalms you can use the structure to identify the dozen or so songs which most reflect your spiritual heart – your deepest feelings about your developing God connection.

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A Look At the Book of Psalms
Song: Perfect!/Psalm 19
Song: Comin’ Down/Psalm 133-134
Song: Beautiful/Psalm 16

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