I have a friend who can be brutally honest at times. I don’t consider myself an extremely sensitive person, but there have been times where I have felt burned by things she has said to me. Given, the delivery could sometimes be a little softer. But most times, once I get over my bruised ego or decide to let go of hurt feelings, I find something to be learned in what she has said to me. Maybe that’s always a small part of it – the truth in the statement makes it hurt a little bit more than if it were an outright lie or insult. I don’t take her words as gold – sometimes opinions differ and what she thinks just doesn’t really ring true with me at all. But that’s the exception to the rule. Most times, I can see through to what I should learn from the situation, and it helps me understand myself better.

The fact is, she’s a good friend and I know she loves me. She may not always say things how I would like, or react in the way that would affirm and validate my actions, but I know that she wants what’s best for me. I know that she holds me to the same standard she holds herself. And I know that she thinks I’m capable of hearing the truth. Otherwise why would she risk saying those things? In the end, her honesty has helped me grow and has strengthened our friendship, and I’ve learned that it’s important for me to look behind the words and see the intention. For some, how it’s said is much more important than what is said, and to a certain degree I want to agree with that. But I can’t help but wonder if certain relationships are put in our lives simply for the purpose of keeping us on our toes – seeing if we’re paying attention when truth comes our way, regardless of how it’s delivered. Plus, I’m 100% certain that I don’t always say/do things like my family or friends would like me to, but they haven’t shut me out of their lives.

God’s word frequently makes me uncomfortable. It calls me to do things that I don’t really want to do if I’m consulting my sinful nature about it. The Word holds a mirror up to us that we sometimes don’t want to look into – because it shows us where our hearts are without Him. But if I open up and let it do what it’s supposed to do, I ALWAYS come out on the other end better off for it. If you’re open to truth, whether it’s in the Word or someone God may have placed in your life, you are really living in the God Story!

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