An Interview With Lady Wisdom

There is a lot of strife over gender-related issues in our world. I guess I can understand a variety of perspectives on it. But it occurs to me that women (ladies/gals/girls/shiksas/sistahs) hold a place of high esteem in my Abrahamic and Jesus faith-roots. The Scriptures paint a picture of a Supreme Father over every living thing. His incredible Holy Spirit is His essence – the Father literally speaks and the Spirit makes it so. Not only that, the Father has a Son who does the will and work that His Father conceives – seamlessly. When viewed together, it is hard to see where One ends and the other begins. Enter the idea of family (something the Father unequivocally weaves into His creation and earth narrative). We see an all-powerful, gracious Father. We feel the blowing of His Spirit in, around, and through lives in every century – including our own. And we have the huge benefit of looking back to the testimony of thousands who witnessed the “appearing” of Jesus the Son of God firsthand. So where is “mom?” Where does the idea of female fit into the cosmos? I submit to you that She is woven into the very family nature of the Godhead. She is as integral to the God Family as both Father and Son and Spirit. Her name is Wisdom. So as our culture asserts our search to define feminine value, I believe that there is overflowing respect, admiration, appreciation – and pure love – from the Godhead to this wonderful Woman. This is where I begin my “God-view” of women. Perhaps that is why I cannot think of one woman close to me in my life who is a friend of great value – and a together-heir of the grace of life. What does lady wisdom do for me in my everyday life with my friends and co-workers, as well as the personal decisions I need to make? Engage Page: Lady Wisdom Song to share: Wisdom Song

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