One of the coolest books of the Bible is Jude. It is as if Jude was a prophet tuned into exactly what is happening in America – even though his letter was given hundreds of years ago!

Jude was the brother of James – who were both human brothers of Jesus, the Son of God. Despite coming late to the party (Matthew 12.46; 13:55) James and Jude appear to have embraced the undeniable – Jesus had shown His authority over death. They bring a no nonsense perspective to what had happened in Jerusalem – and what it meant for every human being.

Read Jude and answer the following questions:

    • What do angels and angelic majesties have to do with truth and authority?
    • How do you personally respond to authority?
    • What kind of leaders was Jude castigating?
    • Why are mockers so destructive?
    • Who are the mockers in your world?
    • How are you supposed to respond to similar kinds of questions encountered in Jude’s world?

Love is both powerful and risky!

JUDE. What an awesome letter to fuel your faith!

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