Music: Silent Planet/CS Lewis

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Music: Silent Planet

C.S.Lewis was an english theologian and philosopher who lived until 1963. He is best known for his children’s books entitled the Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis’ sweet spot, in my opinion, was his ability to address the philosophical aspects of existence within the context of well-reasoned faith.

One curious work was his science-fiction trilogy which included: The Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. I read these books as a young Christ-Follower and was drawn to Lewis’ ability to imagine and integrate truth into story. This was good for me, and because some of his more thoughtful works were little baffling to me at the time, navigating the thoughts and ideas of Narnia and the Space Trilogy were good for my young faith (surely what he was trying to accomplish).

So, this song, Silent Planet reflects my imaginative interpretation of that story.

Several years ago some of my more talented musical friends produced this rendition of the song: and I still think it is awesome. Enjoy!  “Then One steps forward, I will pay the price. I’ll take the Silent Planet, and I will give it life. If you wish to cross the chasm, you must come through Me. Or darkness you will have, and darkness there will be.”

Silent Selah,
Dave & Burnadette

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