Shiny & New

shinydimeThere’s a dime in my washing machine that’s been there for weeks. Each time I unload the washer, I see the dime in there and decide to leave it. I want to see how shiny it can get. I don’t really obsess over shiny things in general, but I’ve always really liked dimes. They’re thin and small and are still somewhat valuable as far as coin money goes. If you drop a dime you’re much more likely to pick it up than a penny. Especially a dirty penny. So while I may not obsess over shiny things, it’s kind of sounding like maybe I obsess about coins! But this dime in my washer is just in there, getting cleaner and, in theory, shinier. Although there’s probably a point when it’s as clean as it gets.


Do you ever feel like you’d like to clean up your life so it shines? Maybe undo a past mistake or life-changing decision? Or if your past doesn’t bother you, do you feel like you’d like to maybe clean your current slate? Clear out the clutter and hold on to the good stuff?

It’s hard to believe sometimes that to God, we could ever be a clean, shiny new person. While we may not walk around in a constant state of shame, I think we all have areas where when we really stop and think about them, we wonder how anyone, let alone God, could still see us as beautiful, lovable, and desirable after seeing those areas. I’ve got mine. It can feel trite to talk about being washed whiter than snow, or any of the other analogies made in scripture. But as I see it, it’s only trite until you find that dark, convicting burden that you didn’t even know you were carrying until He takes it from you.

That’s when the light starts to come in. The fresh air. It starts cleaning out the gunk, freeing your heart, lightening your spirit. Then you start giving off His light in your life. You begin to, dare I say, shine. So it’s not really about any of your circumstances changing, or past mistakes being magically erased. It’s just HIM in YOU.  Pretty cool.

2 Corinthians 5:21 NIV

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

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