055 BBB: Matthew: Yeshua in the Four Gospels

Over the next several weeks we will encounter the 4 eye-witness accounts of the life of Jesus. Matthew spoke to a Jewish audience and was most interested in Jesus’ connection to Moses. Mark is more Greek in orientation, and is focused more on what Jesus did than what He taught. Show me what He did! Luke was a physician (he also compiled the book of Acts) and was very interested in the consecutive order of WHAT happened. John’s account is filled with insights about the heart of Jesus: what did His coming mean to those closest to Him.

First we will embrace Matthew. Here is a Matthew reading guide to help focus your treasure hunt. What was Matthew’s purpose? As you read and follow the guide you will encounter questions which will help you dive deeply into Matthew’s Spirit-directed take on Who Jesus was.

There is more material than you can cover now, but get a good start, and you will find a great foundation when you return to experience more. Lot’s of great home conversation resources!

The theme of Matthew is KING COMES. Jesus is the King of the earth. He is announcing His Kingdom (4:17). He is displaying what it means to be a King in His Father’s realm. He invites us to be right in the middle of His Kingdom and His plan for His Bride: the Church! Pay attention to the word Kingdom in Matthew. It is key to His teaching!

We also have a great resource called the “Streamsbook: 40 Days to get to Know God’s Son” you can find under courses above. You can connect with a 4-Gospel harmony reading guide as well as a series of pretty awesome teaching videos (if I do say so myself). Invite one of your friends!

Either way let’s immerse ourselves in Jesus’ life over the next month. What a great time to find hope in One Who is first place in all of creation. Good for us, good for our kids, our friends, and good for our neighbors. Enjoy the process!

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