checking my pulse

pulse_20I worry about my culture. About my leaders. Our values. Our American heart.
I listen, read, think, and try to keep up on what is going on.
And now I make more time to specifically pray.
God truly is our only hope.

I have met some wonderful people through the years – the believers we have gathered with since before our kids were born – servants across the city who faithfully work out their Kingdom lives serving the King – men and women who engage the fight of faith even when courage is a commodity (you know who you are).

The 99.5 FM people who pitch in to make this unconventional music contribution to our community mission are awesome. Every month and year you join Burnadette and me in giving to make Pulse happen – and together we pray for supernatural God-connections for our city.

When Pulse 99.5 began twenty years ago, there were NO spiritual music radio stations. Now there are several – and as these have arrived we have been more able to pursue our mission of sharable, relatable songs.

Thousands of children listening and memorizing lyrics to hundreds of thousands of songs (2,300,000 spins to date!). Do you know that by the time a person reaches age 18 he or she will have memorized the lyrics to over 2000 songs?!

A few days ago the “little guys” in my life were in the car, singing and keeping with the pace of Fire & Fury by Skillet. This happens to me all the time. It is one of the reasons I believe Pulse 99.5 has value to me – to our city – but most of all, value to God.

Every weekday between 6:00 and 6:03 AM I ask God to awaken sleeping souls in our city.
By God’s grace the music of Pulse 99.5 is a part of the answer to this prayer.

May God bless your soul today.
And may you live forever, my friend!

Dave Nadler
[email protected]

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