Music: Valley of Decision/Joel

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Valley of Decision/Joel

The Day of God is spoken of throughout the God Story. I wrote this song to commemorate both the joyful and fearful aspects of this inevitable event. Daniel tells us about it (Daniel 6). Joel prepares us for it and the time-bell drops in Acts 2. Jesus comments very clearly in His teaching on the mountain (Matthew 24). Paul also prepares us in his letters for this awesome day. (see Thessalonians) When put together with John’s letter of the Revelation of Jesus, we are not left in the dark about any aspect of the events of this great Day.

Thessalonians can get you ready for the personally exciting aspects of this one-of-a-kind event. Check it out!
And make it a part of your faith template.

IT IS GOOD FOR MY HEART TO CONTEMPLATE MY DESTINY! It will be a wild ride, my friend. This is the essence of true hope – and a satisfied mind. We know the end from the beginning.

Heart to heart!
Dave & Burnadette

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