There is a woven thread through the God Story which asks us to pay close attention to the days God has given us. Our American culture appears to be weak in our value for the strength of experienced wisdom, but this does not mean that God agrees. Of course, just because someone is older does not mean we are wise. But one gift of living many years is that we have something valuable to give to those around us.

When our kids were young I had a family friend to whom I could go and ask advice. I have never forgotten his underlying and direct approach: “I can tell you what NOT to do.” We do not need to succeed 100% to have great things to offer to those around us. And even though our culture will not necessarily seek us out for our thoughts and experiences, God is always willing to open doors for wisdom. It is His business to define and apply wisdom in our dual-wisdomed world.

To begin this conversation, I would like to spend some time looking at Psalm 90. It is a song of Moses, who certainly was blessed with many rigorous days to get to know God while he lived on the face of the earth (Numbers 34:7). As you read Psalm 90 consider these thoughts and questions:

What was Moses’ perspective on Who God was?
How does he describe the condition of man and the years we are given to live?
What is Moses trying to tell us about our lives?
Why is God angry with humanity? How may we escape His anger?
How does a person “number our days”?
What does God bring us to make the end of our days as satisfying as the gift of life itself?

Let’s think deeply friends!

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