We live in challenging days. A time made for heart warriors. A time for prayer warriors to shine. Most people haven’t thought through the fact that God is a warrior.

 “The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.”  – Exodus 15.3

Right before Joshua led the Israelites to encircle Jericho we learn this:

And then this, while Joshua was there near Jericho: He looked up and saw right in front of him a man standing, holding his drawn sword. Joshua stepped up to him and said, “Whose side are you on—ours or our enemies’?” He said, “Neither. I’m commander of GOD’S army. I’ve just arrived.” Joshua fell, face to the ground, and worshiped. He asked, “What orders does my Master have for his servant?” GOD’S army commander ordered Joshua, “Take your sandals off your feet. The place you are standing is holy.” Joshua did it.  – Joshua 5:13-15/Message

Might be a good time to fine-tune our armor.
Who’s side are you on?

Just saying.

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