Kingdom 04: Time For Turning

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Kingdom 4: Time For Turning

The word repent has been caricaturized in our culture as only to turn away from something bad or evil. This is only half of what it means to God. To repent means not only to turn away but turn toward. This is the invitation of the Kingdom.

Immediately Jesus begins to explain that His Kingdom is at hand, and those whose hearts are ready or prepared will be willing to leave what holds us, and turn toward what can truly set us free.

This brings up very personal questions for each one of us. What is it we value? How can we determine what it is that captures our imagination? How have we weighed this value against the things which the universe has revealed about our destinies?

Pages 17-18 in Kingdom: Finding Your True Self develop this idea a bit. What have you turned from? What do you inevitably seem attached to return to? In what ways have you found yourself attaching to the King and His Kingdom?

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