Is there any doubt we are living in the middle of a war? How can yes mean no and black mean white?
How can human life be so trivialized around the globe and in our own cities?

What explanation can there be other than there is a “deceiver” and we are at risk?

As we set aside time to pray for our city on August 21st and 22nd (Friday from 6pm to Saturday evening) please gather some of your friends to pray about:

– the turning back of evil against our little ones and against the poor
– our own children in our city as they enter school this fall – that God would pour out His Spirit upon our schools

Let’s put our voices together and pray for awakening in our city.
We will join you in our own home and with our own friends who care.

Dave & Burnadette Nadler

All true goodness originates from our Creator.
Goodness shared multiplies.
Goodness lived awakens.
Romans 13:11-12

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