Kingdom 16: Mustard Seed

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Kingdom 16: Mustard Seed

We live in an environment where bigger is better. More space and power on our devices. More ways to personally empower ourselves. To be human is to crave things which bring comfort, recognition, or efficient accumulation or experience.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven begin with an unimpressive seed. The mustard seed is very small, and yet it brings impressive plants into the world. And these plants apparently provide shelter to the birds of the air.

We believe that shelter is the very heart of our Creator. He taught us often about widows and orphans. He explained the importance of the needs of others right along with our own heart needs.

Your story is big enough to matter to God. It is in the obscure where we find notoriety with Him. Bigger and more notable to men is not God’s gold standard. It really isn’t. 

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