020: Discipline & Correction

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Discipline & Correction

As the last several decades have unfolded, American and world cultural shifts have kicked into high gear. What used to be under the purview of parents and family is now owned by education, government authorities, and social architects. This did not happen quickly nor was it unintentional. 

As with all things that creep, we must be willing to go back to the timeless Word of God to find our principles. This takes knowledge (of what is true) and courage (to do what is right in God’s sight) and wisdom to navigate the cultural mine-field in which we live. We need to pass all three of these traits on to our kids – from an early age to when they leave our home and begin their own families.

Each stage of parenting requires building more things upon solid foundations already laid. If you are oblivious to the creep (or the God-ordained responsibilities of the family) then you will struggle more deeply as a family. You will be less satisfied with the result.

What stage do you find yourself in? What can you learn from what is coming? From what has been? This is a big deal, friend.

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