Psalm 119 = A- Z

Psalm 119 has a reputation for being the longest Psalm. I have never checked that out inasmuch as it fits under the category of “why does it matter?”

I can say, now that I have experienced a relationship with God’s Word over a number of decades, that the Law of the Lord really is perfect. It really does restore my soul. This Psalm is about the heart connection available to me when I experience the truth – which brings freedom to my soul.

No-one seems to know for sure who wrote this song, but I feel it is very Davidesque. I would say King David either wrote it, or a scribe assembled it (in the Spirit) from the heart of David so clearly revealed in the scripture.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. The A-Z. The Hebrew alphabet begins with Aleph and ends with Tav. This Psalm is organized, obviously, around the Hebrew A-Z.

I find something in each paragraph that is good for my Kingdom heart. What do you see? What a great way to consume this lengthy Psalm into bite-sized portions!

Aleph…..   How can I find God within my perilous need?  (vs 1-8)
Beth…….   Is God-purity my a great treasure?  (9-16)
Gimel…..   Open my eyes to Your presence  (17-24)
Daleth….   Make me transparent to You  (25-32)
He……….   How can I revere Your Word?  (33-40)
Vav………  What does love for freedom look like?  (41-48)
Zayin……  What is a pilgrim, anyway?  (49-56)
Heth…….  Who are my friends of reverence?  (57-64)
Teth……..  Affliction is good?  (65-72)
Yodh…….  This is who I am  (73-80)
Kaph…….  Am I hungry for awakening  (81-88)
Lamedh..  It is settled: I am Yours  (89-96)
Mem…….  Your words are sweet to me  (97-104)
Nun……..  There will be joy to the end and beyond  (105-112)
Samekh..  You are my hiding place and my shield  (113-120)
Ayin……..  A time to act  (121-128)
Pe…………  I watch for Your unfolding light!  (129-136)
Tsadhe….  What makes me significant?  (137-144)
Qoph…….  Just how old is he talking here?  (145-152)
Resh…….   The summing up of all fears  (153-160)
Shin……..   There is peace in His Law  (161-168)
Tav……….   Lost sheep prayer  (169-176)

“I have been young and now I am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His descendants begging for bread.”  – Psalm 37:23-26

A good journey, is it not?!

If there is a true companion for Psalm 119 it is Psalm 19:
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