Conscience 001: Freedom of Conscience

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Freedom Of Conscience

Let’s discuss what the God Story says about us. We are made in the image of God, and through Adam’s sin we have all fallen out of God’s favor and lost our ability to connect with Him (Adam walked with his Creator in the garden in the cool of the day).

Our bodies, souls, minds, spirits, hearts, and consciences were imagined by Him and given from Him. Each bears His mark and is owned Him. He is King of all that has been made – both the seen and the unseen.

Even though His image is marred within each of us because of the fall of Adam and Eve, His imprint cannot be denied. He claims credit for our scientific makeup, our heart design, our mental capacities, the day of our birth and the years of our lives. He also has a plan and purpose for buying back our lost souls through the blood of His Son Jesus.

Certainly you have pondered the idea that your conscience can trouble you. This usually is coupled with some regrettable action toward another, whether targeted at a specific person – or when we act contrary to one of our valued principled.

There is a spectrum of beliefs and implications regarding conscience. Narcissists are on one end of this continuum. For them conscience impulses are not impacted by anything other than what he or she can receive for self benefit. At the other end are people who are riddled with guilt, both imagined and real, who spend our lives pretty much without personal peace – because we can never do enough or be good enough. Most of us live somewhere between these two extremes.

There seems to be a part in many where we can feel guilt or, if we know God, conviction. Apart from the truly insane ends of this continuum, we each process our conscience within our worldview. Here we justify selfishness or even hurtful behavior – or – we deny the deep spiritual reality of our conscience.

What is possible?
“Paul surveyed the members of the council with a steady gaze, and then declared his take on himself: “Friends, I’ve lived with a clear conscience before God all my life, up to this very moment.”
– Acts 23:1/Message

Conscience deserves deep reflection and God-education about this key part of us which connects our body, mind, and soul. When we add understanding of how God’s Spirit impacts every part of our existence – we are free to build a Kingdom life!

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