Mentored by God

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Mentored By God
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FINDING OUR WAY IN A DARKENING WORLD It is no secret there is increasing difficulty in the world. There is much counterfeit light. By and large the Living God is rejected. Truth is beyond relative, and discourse is miniscule. People are isolated and often feeling hopeless. As the world darkens – we live as sons and daughters of light. WHO HAS MENTORED YOU? In life experiences we have mentors with varied ranges of impact. Our parents. Neighbors. Co-workers. Teachers. Faith friends. Each one can leave an imprint upon who we are. IN WHAT WAYS HAS GOD MENTORED YOU? These experiences are also evidenced within our relationship with our Creator. While we mostly cannot see Him, it does not change the fact He is connected and connecting with us as our lives unfold. Faith, hope, and love are introspective places to see where we have been mentored by God. MY OWN PARENTS Our human parents do the best they can (or not). They are impacted by how their parents shaped their lives. There are no perfect parenting examples in the Bible. This tells me that the expectation for a perfect family is not in the cards. Because of this, every human being must pay attention to our God connection. FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD Jesus enjoyed an eternal friendship with His Father. Part of what He extends to us is our own opportunity to be His friends. There is not one template for this – but almost an infinite variance of expression. To give attention to my friendship with God is a great quest – and a beautiful gift. “The full meaning of “believe” in one God Story sentence, “Abraham believed God and was set right with God,” includes his action. It’s the mesh of believing and acting that got Abraham called “God’s friend.”  – James 2:23 Friendship With God God’s Friends A friend song…

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